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Job Prospector is a powerful tool that will help you take control of all your job search activities and allow you to spend time on what really matters. Everything is organized and in one place, right at your fingertips. With Job prospector you can quickly review and import job vacancies you are interested in from […]

Free Invoice Template

If you are a freelancer or running a small/home-based business, a complete invoicing system maybe too complicated. The free Excel invoice template provided here helps you create professional invoices easily and quickly. This invoice template is offered as a freeware, and is not locked or protected with a password. You have full control on the […]


The best presentation helper software with 20 tools to highlight, zoom, spotlight, magnify, and annotate anything on your computer screen. Screen annotation and full screen zoom Virtual Whiteboard Spotlight, Curtain, Magnify, Screen Capture, Hide part of projection Move windows between monitors, playing background music, throw a clock or countdown timer on the screen. Highlight Pointer, […]


  The ContactScheduler-Free is an template that you can use to create a contact list and schedule them in available time blocks. It is suitable for any type of business and it works with Excel, thus it is very easy to use. With the new additions of the This Week and This Month sheets, viewing […]

eDoc Organizer

eDoc Organizer is a revolutionary software document management system that is incredibly easy to use, yet packed full of features. Whether you need to keep track of your scanned documents or the documents on your PC, you’ll be amazed at what eDoc Organizer will do for your life. Our simple color coded labeling system combined […]